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The past continuous is used for an action in progress in the past and that was interrupted. A collection of pdf reading comprehension worksheets by level. We can use the past simple to talk about things we did in the past. Thompson gives a list of the largest european companies in chapter 6. Present simple or will quiz look at these conditional sentences and use either the present simple or will to complete each sentence. While matt damon and ben affleck were growing up, they planned to make lots of movies together. Simple past vs past continuous exercises to learn english. A lot of people hold cards with names on them, but they not wait for her. A1a5 we can use the present simple to refer to the contents of books.

You can choose from easy to advanced exercises to practise for toefl or just learn for fun. This is an easy worksheet contrasting the past simple and past continuous tense. Description chart with irregular verbs for intermediate level. Upper intermediate level grammar worksheets tricky choices face the students here with a choice of past perfect, past perfect continuous and past continuous past tense worksheet. Each of the progress tests covers six units in the classroom book.

Past simple page 1 15 question sentences with scrambled words page 2 15 sentences same as above listen to your teacher and write the missing words. The light always goes out when i am about to study 6. Upper intermediate level tense revision busy teacher. When and while signal the use of the past simple and past continuous. Microsoft word present simple form mixed exercise 2 other verbs. Present simple exercises for intermediate level esl. Present perfect tense exercises for intermediate level esl. The past past simple and past continuous 2 an exercise by montse morales for the english learning website. Irregular past tense verbs and question formation in the past tense by susan. Heres another english grammar exercise about the past simple positive, negative and question. The pass score for this type of test is typically 60%. Use the words in brackets to complete each of the following.

Past perfect simple rules and exercises for intermediate level. All exercises are suitable for students and teachers. Remember that some of the verbs belong to regular verbs and the others to irregular verbs. Present continuous tense test english exercises english tests.

T038 past perfect or past tense simple and progressive intermediate. We removed the essay section because we are unable to offer online solutions for free writing questions. This worksheet has different types of exercises such as a cloze text, finding mistakes, actives or passives as well as an answer key in the end. This online lesson in english grammar is designed for intermediate level. Find the correct tense all our lessons and exercises. Learn when to use the present perfect or the past simple tense. Past simple rules and exercises for intermediate level. Complete the story with the past simple or past continuous of the verbs in brackets.

Jun 16, 2017 exercises intermediate level grammar exercise. I used my time well while i wait was waiting for my plane i wrote some emails. Complete the following sentences with the verbs in brackets. Preintermediate database of english exercises, tests. Grammar worksheet all things grammar grammar focus past simple. U p p e r i nt e r m e d i a t e g r a m m a r e x e r c i s e. English grammar practice exercise, for pre intermediate and intermediate level. The penguin story a nice story about a friendly penguin. Present simple, past simple and present continuous. A collection of english esl past simple tense, pre intermediate a2 worksheets for home learning, online practice, distance learning and english classes to. June 16, 2017 fill in the blanks with an appropriate word or phrase. Henry finish his newspaper while he wait for the bus. In this exercise you will practise the past simple tense exercise instructions.

Irregular verbs intermediate level add to favourites. This online lesson in english grammar is designed for intermediate level students. The next morning, they go to the country with their two dogs and play together. Make the present simple choose positive, negative or question. Esl b1 intermediate level exam paper 3 inglese milano. English practice downloadable pdf grammar and vocabulary worksheets. Good for use with beginning level and intermediate level learners. A comparison between the present perfect vs past perfect tenses in english with a clear explanation of the differences in use between these two tenses, with straightforward explanations and exercises.

The test on this page is a slightly modified copy of an original cef b1 esl intermediate english exam, with the free writing section removed. Past simple tense fully editable with key by zsuzsapszi fill in the sentences with the correct form past simple of the appropriate verb, and then match the sentences to the pictures. There are many interactive grammar and vocabulary tests to build vocabulary for fun or to get better scores in exams. Past continuous rules and exercises for intermediate level.

Ive used this picture before with the present simple. Past simple vs past continuous elementary worksheet ii. We use the indefinite article when we talk about something for the first time. Write the past simple form of the verbs below in the correct column. Click here to download this exercise in pdf with answers. Past continuous exercises in english explanations along with tests and exercises online. Passive voice elementary intermediate level upper intermediate advanced level exercises home.

Personally, ive never had any problems getting enough sleep. Simple present tense part 2 english with sound and light. U p p e r i nt e r m e d i a t e g r a m m a r e x e r c i. A collection of english esl future tenses, pre intermediate a2 worksheets for home learning, online practice, distance learning and english classes to teac. A collection of english esl past simple tense, intermediate b1 worksheets for home learning, online practice, distance learning and english classes to teac. Past simple exercises intermediate level agendaweb. In this exercise you will practise using the past simple and present perfect tenses. A number of additional exercises are included for further practice of particular areas.

This is a list of the most common irregular verbs in english. To be past simple exercises intermediate level esl. The summary test is for use at the end of the course, and makes use of material from all units. We use the present perfect to talk about recent events or about peoples experiences when the time when these events happened is not. Explanations and examples along with tests and exercises online to practise past simple tense in english. Oxford english grammar course oxford university press. Not past simple to talk about past experiences and actions. Irregular verbs simple past exercises focusenglishschool. Intermediate english exercise past simple past continuous created by anonyme 08012006. On friday, the children talk about a day out together in the country. There are some verbs that we never or rarely use in the present continuous form also true for the other tenses i. Our aim is not necessarily to encourage teachers and students to. These exercises are for lower intermediate and intermediate students of english a2 to b1 level. In this example, with the use of in, we are identifying a period of time in which the action or event occurred, but not a specific time.

Choose the right form of the verbs to complete the following sentences in english. John the stuntman john the stuntman has an interesting life. Grammar exercises preintermediate level esl lounge. Our plane fly over scotland when the accident happen. Three exercises on past simple of regular and irregular verbs. A short grammarguide and 3 exercises to practise past simple. Choose the verb from the box on the right that best fits in the sentence below. While i was away on holiday, my sister fall fell ill and i had to come home.

Improve your english with our free grammar and vocabulary tests. Complete it using the past simple, past continuous, present perfect, future simple and present continuous for future tenses. Tenses exercise for intermediate level english grammar. You have to fill each space with either the past continuous, past perfect simple or past perfect continuous 1. English grammar practice exercise, for preintermediate and intermediate level. Home page grammar exercises intermediate past simple or used to gap fill exercise past simple or used to gap fill exercise use either used to or. Learn about the past simple tense and the rules you need to follow when using this tense, with examples and exercises to help you learn. You can do the exercises online or download the worksheet as pdf. For questions 1 to 6, choose the best answer a, b, c or d. More advanced learners can take a look at our complete list of english irregular verbs. You can check your answers to the practice exercises, additional exercises and study guide in the key. Zero and first conditionals extra or missing words in these zero and first conditional sentences, there are some extra or missing words. Present simple vs present continuous rules and exercises.

How long, for, since, already, yet, before, ever, never, etc. Past simple vs past continuous rules and exercises for intermediate level. Present simple exercises negative forms exercises questions exercises mixed forms exercises intermediate level home. Pre intermediate level students should be familiar with all or most of these words. This booklet contains four progress tests and one summary test for the language in use pre intermediate course. Irregular level intermediate answer key my notes 1. For the price of a coffee youll be able to download the bundle with. Summer holiday pdf 3 page valentines day reading pdf american football reading passage pdf.

All online tests come with self evaluation and keys. We can use the past simple to talk about things we did in the. The time expression last year is used in both, but in the second example, we have added the preposition in. The simple past can also be used to describe a habit which stopped in the. Or what about the simple past tense form of the verb, cost. In general, we use the past simple directly after when and the past continuous after while.

Teachers get 35 of our exercises and worksheets in printable pdf format to hand out in your classroom. Intermediate level grammar exercise english grammar. Oxford english grammar course intermediatelevel teachers guide introduction to the book the purpose of the oxford english grammar course oegc is intended to help those students who want or need to make their english more grammatically correct. The past simple can be used to speak about a duration which starts and stops in the past. The action that caused the interruption is in the past simple. Practice 6 in your notebook, combine the sentences in columns a and b of the chart using while or when and the past continuous or simple past. Present perfect vs past perfect rules and exercises for. The tests and exercises for learning english online for the beginners. I n te r m e d i a te g r a m m a r e x e r c i s e. English test titled tenses, for online english learners at the intermediate level. English test intermediate 100 questions exercise 16.

Recommended for elementary students who are asked to complete the sentences with the past simple or the past. For further information on each, see the links below. John carpenter read the text about the famous musician john carpenter and choose the best questions to you need to ask for the missing information. Simple past english tenses and english grammar worksheets, grammar rules, grammar exercises. Each exercise gives you two possible tenses to choose from. This is seen often with words that are spelt with a u but begin with a y sound such as a university or a united family. Use the words in brackets to put each of the following into either the past simple or present perfect. Write the verb in its correct form in the boxes below, and click check. Preintermediate english vocabulary, grammar exercises, tests. Irregular verbs simple past exercises check the answers to the exercise on english irregular verbs. Grammar practice for pre intermediate students gives short, clear explanations of all the main areas of english grammar, and provides practice exercises for you to do. Present simple or past simple a free english exercise to learn english.

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