Linux distro for macbook pro 2011

But which distribution works best on the macbook pro. How to install linux on a macintosh and dual boot with. How to easily install linux elementary os on a macbook youtube. It appears the opportunities outweigh the challenges, though, with potential repercussions for microsoft if the market clamors for red hat linuxenabled macbook pros. Macbook pro late 2011 single boot problems kali linux. When i installed apples macos mojave, it slowed my formerly reliable macbook air to a crawl. Mac pro mac mini macbook pro macbook air mac os x support mac software other apple hardware. Installing arch linux on my 20 macbook air duration. I have a late2011 macbook pro id like to install linux on and im tryng to figure out which distro might work best with this. As an operating system, mac os x is very nice, and a few years ago, the hardware was pretty good as well.

In this feature we look at how to install linux on a mac including how to completely replace. Can i use linux in a 2011 macbook pro with a defective. I have an early 15 2011 macbook pro that is affected by the defective discrete gpu. While you can connect an external cddvd drive to your mac and boot from standard linux live cds and usbs, simply connecting a linux live usb drive created by standard tools like universal usb installer and unetbootin to a mac wont work. Ive also tried to boot fedora linux in livemode but it too fails to boot. Browse other questions tagged mac macbook distrorecommendation or ask your own question. I am aware that macbook might require special treatment du. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. For macbook pro 7,1 obsolete with squeeze current installer can not install. I know there are workarounds in osx to force the use of the integrated intel gpu, or disable the drivers for the. As before, the installation was quite simple and mint was much faster to load than ubuntu 73 seconds from poweron to login, and just 15 seconds for the appearance of the desktop. I have an old beautiful mint condition white macbook 7,1 with a 2. Note that you can do this even in mac os x or other linux machine.

Linux on macs is possible but what are the best distros. Im looking for a smooth and stable user experience. To celebrate its 14th birthday, used a 15inch macbook pro to run system benchmarking tests on the following operating systems. X lion appeared to have hardware common with the macbook pro 2011 which came. I have an old macbook pro and want to run mnajaro on it. This video is my story about the trials and tribulations of putting linux mint in my early 2011 macbook pro the model with the failing discrete graphics chip.

Its not as fast or as optically pretty as my 5k imac nor my ipad pro for that matter. My computer, released in 2015, has 4gb ram, an i5 processor, and a broadcom 4360 wireless card, but mojave proved too much for my daily driverit made working with gnucash impossible, and it whetted my appetite to return to linux. What do you think, in terms of compatibility and perhaps performace, is the best linux distro for a 15 mid2009 mbp. The next linux distro installed on the macbook was linux mint 18. This tutorial focuses on dualbooting mac os and the cinnamon edition of linux mint on the macbook pro with retina display version 11,1. In this feature we look at how to install linux on a mac including how to completely replace macos or mac os x with linux. Im going to partition my macbook pros ssd so i can see how viable linux is as a replacement for mac os x.

Some users love apples hardware and have substituted linux for os x on the macbook pro. This page describes how to install debian on a macbook pro. The macbook pro 2016 shares surprisingly many components with the retina macbook e. Amazon even sells used macbook pros for those who want an apple laptop without. Giving a 2011 macbook air new life with linux paul jacobson.

Which linux distro installs on a macbook inch early 2008 closed ask question. The second day of trying to install an os on macbook 2011 dual videocard years via usb flash drive or elementaryos nor any other linux distro is not installed, even if i select try elementary just a black screen and silence. When you think of linux, you probably dont think of apple or its products. I was able to obtain and burn a ploplinux iso on dvd, boot from that that and then just as you said, then boot a linux distro ubuntu mate from a usb key for. Can i use linux in a 2011 macbook pro with a defective discrete gpu. Can i install linux on my old late 2011 macbook pro. The testing distro has enough working drivers to get you started. Macbook end 2009 duplicate ask question asked 3 years. Oder als alternative wie in diesem beispiel kann man ein linux. How to install linux on mac pro 1,1 and up thread starter kiiroaka. As before, the installation was quite simple and mint was much faster to.

I have a late2011 macbook pro id like to install linux on and im tryng to figure out which distro might work best with this hardware. Mac runs linux better than itself the slow macbook pro. Keeping things straight as to how one distro does things and how another does things can become very confusing. The beta offers a new desktop style and runs on version 5. In this post i am going to briefly outline the process i went through installing a linux distro to run as the only os on my macbook pro. Under the hood, macs hardware is remarkably similar to most of the parts used in modern pcs.

Linux is a powerful operating system beloved by coders and capable of breathing life into old macs. Which version of linux should be running on a mid2010. I will cover my process of experimenting with various distros and why i finally settled on manjaro, and what hitches i ran into on the way and how i solved them. So i got an old macbook pro around and honestly i mostly use it to watch movies on it and take it sometimes to school with me. Which is the best linux distro for a 2011 macbook pro. Over time the battery became less effective, and started to swell. The ultimate linux newbie guide cannot be held responsible for any damage caused as a result of following this tutorial. I dont know anything about linux and want to avoid any possible problems. Hello, i got an old macbook pro, i cant say which one exactly but early 2011 or 2012.

I am glad i did, but i felt bad that i had this perfectly good. Apple cut off the upgrade path of this model at 10. However the macosx annoys me to no end, its downright popping up some stuff from itunes, keeps crashing safari when watching movies, keep asking for dumb updates making my system slower etc. Install ubuntu on macbook pro late 2011 ask ubuntu. Inserted the dvd and followed all the instructions. The linux distribution installed was 64 bit ubuntu precise alpha 1 server. I followed the guide to the teeth on how to install a single boot kali distro on my macbook pro. Macbookpro8, 18,28,3 2011 macbookpro9,2 mid2012 this page contains tips on installing arch linux on an early 2011 macbook pro. For macbook pro 8,1 first of all, it is important that you read carefully the macbook install section of debian wiki, so that you can prepare your macbook pro, and understand the terms needed for proceeding with the installation. What worked for me was indeed using a usb pendrive alongside the physical cd. This tutorial has been tested on a late 20 macbook pro retina 15.

Well show you how to try it before you buy it so to speak to see how a specific version of gnulinux, ubuntu, will run on your aging mac. Breathe life back into your late 20 or older apple mac with linux. Download a linux distribution file and save it to your downloads folder. I would like to install a linux distribution on my wifes older apple macos. The projects latest development snapshot, deepin 20 beta, is based on debian 10. I couldnt install manjaro using the official releases but was able to install it using manjaro architect on my macbook pro late 2011 8,2. In this episode, i drop a rather surprising bomb about a new favorite, and revive my love for the late 20 macbook pro by slapping a variety of linux distributions on it. After installing elementary os it boots straight away or. How to install and dual boot linux and macos lifewire. Manjaro on macbook pro newbie corner manjaro linux forum. Hi fellows, i am just wondering whether anyone in this forum ever try to install manjaro on macbook pro. Hello, what linux os would be best to use with my macbook pro early 2011 for booting from pendrive or dvd.

The bigger question is why on earth would you want to put linux on a macbook when macos is there and its interface has far more fit and finish. Clear linux beats macos in macbook pro benchmark tests. Best linux version for old macbook pro early 2011 or 2012. The macbook pro is a popular platform for running linux. Best ubuntulinux distro for latitude d620 school, light browsing. I gave it the whole disk, and everything worked out okay. This article covers linux flavors suitable for a mac or macbook.

Native linux on a mac mini 2011 ross maloney february 26, 2012 abstract a method of creating a dual boot of os x lion and linux on a 2011 released apple mac mini 5. Downloaded my iso x64 image, then burned it to a dvd. I was a little bummed since i wanted to try a new distro either crunchbang or. I already tried a lot of tutorials ive found while browsing the world wide web but nothing didnt really work out for me. My biggest problem actually is that i cant boot kali linux from a live usb or a live cd. Installing linux as the only os on macbook pro the. Any distro running gnome or kde sounds out of the question, but lightweight desktop environmentswindow managers like lxde, lxqt, mate, openbox, trinity desktop environment tde. We eventually removed it early last year, before it burst. Youll find the same processor families, graphics engines, networking chips, and a great deal more. Linux on macbook pro late 2016 and mid 2017 with touchbar.

Im trying to dual boot my late 2011 macbook pro inch with kali linux 2. It might help people using other editions or different typesversions of macbook laptops although some of the information might differ slightly or might feel less relevant. The distribution wont matter as much as the user interface you use. This is about documenting getting linux running on the late 2016 and mid 2017 mpbs. You will have to remove all the modeset params in the boot menu in order for it to work because of mhw will brick the system. The bigger question is why on earth would you want to put linux on a macbook when macos is there and its interface has far more fit and finish granted my opinion is. Apples made it difficult to boot nonmac os x operating systems off of usb drives. It is starting to feel kind of sluggish not so weird seeing the age, but ive decided i now want to install linux on it instead ive just done the same process for my windows pc. But some linux users actually prefer to run it on apples macbook laptops.

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