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Only store the valve in an area free from excessive exposure to dust, water, and mud. The taluft test qualifies only a highquality sealing system. Perar trunnion ball valves free download as pdf file. Direct flange ball valve khzf3 khzf6 up to dn50 pn420 79 iso 6164 flanged ball valves khf dn 80 up to pn400 81 32 way ball valves khb3k up to dn50 up to pn500 85 changeover low pressure ball valves.

Valtorc internationals stainless steel 316304 ball valves, carbon steeliron ball valves, pvc ball valves, sanitary ball valves and special purpose industrial grade ball valves are tested and shipped out of our usa factory location. Perar trunnion mounted ball valves intended for dirty, sandy or high temperature services are designed with metaltometal sealing between the ball and the seat rings. Suitable asco make model aeb 342c3 or equivalent with 38 pneumatic tubing flame proof for onoff application. Side load generated by the pressure acting on the ball is absorbed by bearings. On perar trunnion mounted welded body ball valves the potential leak paths. Perar test its metal seated valves in accordance to the most stringent procedures i.

Api 6d trunnion ball valves volk flow controls welded body trunnion ball valve three piece body trunnion ball valve. Perar api 6d and bs 5351 floating ball valves, fire safe according to bs 6755 part. Valtorcs ball valves are capable of 150 6,000psi and greater, offered in various connection ends. In such a way the pressure loads are transferred to the valve body granting a smooth rotation of the ball with low torque levels and reduced seat seal wear. A ball valve is a quarterturn rotary motion valve that uses a ballshaped disk to stop or start the flow. Product title sharkbite 222220000lfa ball valve, water valve shut. Perar has built an internal loop for testing metal seated valves, where high content of sand is injected into the system at high pressure. The ball valve is a device for the interception of fluids. Installation, use and maintenance instructions for ball valves. Face to face and end to end dimensions according to api 6d and asme. These products can expose you to chemicals including carbon black, which is. Pipe must be free of traction when being connected to the ball valve.

All the above dimensions and weights could be subjected to changes by perar spa without any notification. Perar ball valves, well known worldwide for their reliability and quality, are the result of continuous research and development efforts to improve technological and production activities. Qua the best guarantee of safety perar ball valves, one of the first since 1962 founded in 1962, perar is one of the first italian manufacturers of high quality ball valves. Warren manufactures a highquality valve, designed to meet industry standards, satisfying the strict requirements of petroleum refineries, chemical plants, upstream, midstream and gas transmission applications. The company liability covers eventual free of charge replacements for defective. Valve seriesvalve series body patternbody patternbody pattern inoutinoutinout s15s15 v01v01 t11t11 body patternbody pattern v01v01 ff two way straight valve v10v10 mf two way straight valve v02v02 ff two way angle valve f01f01 ff soft check valve f02f02 ff ball check valve f05f05 ff npt cross. Ball valves ball valves, as the name implies, have a ball with a hole drilled through the centre swivel mounted within the valve body. The development of the company started as leading supplier in gas industry, all over the domestic market. Nxt valve sizing and selection suite is the right tool for finding the right product the first. Please note that dimensions are preliminary and confirmation from perar.

Appearance the floating ball valve and the trunnion ball valve are easy to distinguish in appearance. Perar trunnion ball valves valve pipe fluid conveyance free. Installation, use and maintenance instructions for ball valves introduction. At low pressure the seat sealing action is achieved by the thrust of the springs acting on the seat rings. Api 6d welded body, side entry trunnion mounted ball valve. The ball is fixed and the seat rings are floating, free to move along the valve axis. When assured valve shut off and absolute isolation are required, dafram provides double block and bleed valves that consist of two main inline isolation valves and a bleed valve, used to drain or vent trapped fluid between the two obturators. Perar websiteperar website perar ball valves the best.

Taluft is considered to be complied with if metal bellows with a safety packing or similar sealing systems are used. They are manufactured in a wide range of sizes and pressure. Compact trunnion mounted side entry ball valves perar. Installation, operation and maintenance manual valve repair. Perar model trunnion bolted body ball valves yumpu. As the pressure increases the fluid pressure pushes the seat rings. Cf8m treatments ct70, cc60 or ht65 4 stem see options 5.

Valbart trunnionmounted ball valve design features 1 independent ball and stem the ball and stem are independent to minimize the effect of the side thrust generated by the pressure acting on the ball. Perar trunnion ball valves are provided with antiblow out stem in accordance with the. Valve actuators are available for remote control of hip ball valves. The trunnion ball valve is a form of quarterturn valve which uses a hollow. These parts are hardfaced using different coatings, such as tungsten or chromium carbides, depending on process type. Bfe reserves the right to change designs, dimensions or specifications w. Perar website split body side entry ball valvesperar website. Resilientseated ball valves featuring memoryseal seating technology, low emissions packing chambers, and other valueadded technical features for superior performance. Entry ball valves represent the basic design standard. Get free 2day shipping on qualified ips pe x ips pe, 2, ball valves products or buy plumbing department products today with buy online pick up in store. Virtually all metal components are stainless steel to insure consistent operation under even the most severe applications. Size, select and generate valve, actuator, and positioner specifications in seconds enter and verify data import and export valve specifications automatically from multiple data formats intools, excel, and more performance.

The iso type test classifies the complete industrial valve into a pressure, temperature, endurance and tightness class. These parts are hard faced using different coatings, such as tungsten or chromium carbides, depending on process type. Page 2 c ball316 stainless steel each investment cast stainless steel 316 ball is. When viscous materials are handled, jc steam jacketed ball valves are recommended to prevent valve to be blocked in closed position. This international standard is not applicable to subsea pipeline valves, as they are covered by a separate. Bfe floating ball valve design is developed using the latest software based analysis tools. All pipes and hoses must be rinsed thoroughly before the installation of the valves. Neway products are designed for a wide range of industrial applications and services. When the hole in the ball is orientated in the same direction as the pipe, this will result in full flowrate. Valve solutions, inc 1205 alpha drive, alpharetta, ga 3000 t 770.

And in addition, we take great care to make our facilities and. However, to overcome the needs of our customers on short delivery, a. The weight and overall dimensions are optimized by applying a shaped design. The valve should remain covered with protective end connection caps or taped coverings until it is ready for installation. When a port in the ball is in line, it allows flow whereas when you rotate the valve 90 degrees, solid part of the ball stop the flow. Metal seated valves perar trunnion mounted ball valves intended for dirty, sandy or high temperature services are designed with metaltometal sealing between the ball and the seat rings. Perars core business remains the supply of manual actuated ball valves to large projects. Applying excessive torque in an attempt to turn a ball beyond its 90 degree stop point could damage the valve stops and. Solenoid valve rating is 110v plus or minus 10% and 50 hz. We carry an extensive line of products and complementary services that cover virtually every segment.

The valve serial number is located on the valve name plate and on the valve body. Neway valve attended the fugitive emissions summit china, and advocated the development of new technology environmental protection. The valve cw a pneumatic actuator is then operated for up to openclose cycles. Ball valve learn about floating and trunnion mounted. All the above dimensions and weights could be subjected to changes by perar spa without.

A ball valve is designed to be used in the fully open or fully closed position. Twoway ball valves offer complete shutoff with a convenient 14 turn. Most ball valves are of the quickacting type, which requires a. Residues in the pipe system damage the sealing elements of the ball valve and lead to leaks and disfunctions. They are manufactured in a wide range of sizes and pressure classes typically from forgings. The subsea ball valves are actuated by perar quarterturn.

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