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Legendary yamaha sound quality for all your drum kits. Press the power switch while holding down the shift button. Check the number on the display that indicated in the picture below. The dtx500k is the most affordable of the drum sets that feature the excellent new dtx500 drum module from yamaha with 427 of the best drum, percussion and effects sounds you have ever heard. This highlights an issue with a three month old yamaha dtx 500 drum kit. The innovative textured cellular silicone tcs heads provide a new level of playability and feel, while the dtx900 drum trigger module delivers professional, cutting edge sounds for the 21st century. Connect the tripod to the threaded hole 10 on the microscope and rotate the microscope until it locks in place.

It is necessary to set the midi send channel to match the channel of the external midi device. I thought id go with triggera intriggs but then i read that they dont work as dual zone triggers while connected to a yamaha module since yamaha uses the. Yamaha dtx electronic drums are designed for drummers of all styles and levels of achievement. The dtx700 series kits feature dtxpads and the dtx700 trigger module, with over twelve hundred outstanding drum and percussion voices. This model also features 3zone operation for the ride, crash and hihat. The result of this quest for perfection is the dtxpad. Dtx900 series overview electronic drum kits electronic drums drums musical instruments products yamaha canada english. The xp80 8 3zone dtxpad for snare and tom from yamaha is a 8inch electronic snare and tom drum pad designed for a realistic feel. Yamaha dtx 500 series electronic drum kits overview pmt. They are valuable practice aids for drummers and teachers who play the dtx electronic drums. The top model in the 500 series, the dtx560k, features three xp70 7. It supports up to 12 triggers including a 3zone snare, two 3. Electronic drum kits electronic drums drums musical. Yamaha dtx500 electronic drum set overview full compass.

The flagship of the 502 series, the dtx 582 features dtxpads for snare and toms, a real hihat trigger, large 3zone cymbals, and the big kp100 kick pad, which can easily accommodate a double foot pedal. The drum head is made of tcs textured cellular silicone, and features 3 zones capable of detecting both open and closed rimshots. Expand the sounds of your dtx700 or dtx900 series electronic drum set with these exciting new kits. Find yamaha dtx500 and yamaha electronic drums from a vast selection of electronic drums. All listings current page auction buy it now classified ads. John plays through some of the drum kit sounds available on the yamaha dtx500. The yamaha dtx500 is available now from cranbourne. Drum trigger module setup manual for dt50sdt50k 908kb dtxmulti 12 version 1.

View and download yamaha dtx500 owners manual online. I did go out and pick up a yamaha dtx500 controller to replace the earlier unit. With the ability for upgrading and expanding with dtxpads, the dtx500k is perfect for anyone getting into drumming. Dtx402 touch is a dedicated iosandroid app for yamaha dtx402 series electronic drums. Up for grabs is this excellent lightly used yamaha dtx500 electronic drum set. This app has 10 training modes and challenge mode designed to make you a better player, faster. Yamaha designed dtx drums to make practicing more fun, focusing on giving the dtxpad a feel that would let drummers simply enjoy playing. Dtx drums quick comparison check out specifications and configurations for each kit. Yamaha electronic drum kit dtx 500 trigger module plus 2 cymbal pads,3 tom pads,1 high hat pad,1 snare pad,1 kick pad,1 high hat controller and rack system. It is the complete setup that comes with the yamaha dtx500 drum module, holding rack, 5 drum pads, 2 cymbal pads, kick pad, and hi hat foot pedal.

With a similar compact design but with a massively more powerful drum engine the dtx500 trigger module, the dtx500 plays brilliantly and sounds fantastic. The surface of the dtxpad, features a textured cellular silicone head, made using unique molding technologies developed by yamaha. The dtx500 is a compact drum trigger module that includes a wealth of rich, highquality drum voices and is compatible with snare pads equipped with a pad controller. Brand new in box yamaha dtx multi 12 electronic percussion pad taken out of box to try out then put back in the box and never used again. Yamaha dtx500 series dtx500k electronic drum set pre.

To purchase tx500tx500u spares or accessories, please contact the company via their website or visit an authorised retailer. The dtx500 drum trigger module features yamahas highquality tone generator with realistic acoustic drum, cymbal, and percussion sounds. Dtx400 series downloads electronic drum kits electronic drums drums musical instruments products yamaha uk and ireland. As a result, this drum pad performs realistically while being quiet, making it suited for home use. The parameters should be different for each number which youve checked at procedure 2 above. Dtx500 owners manual introduction thank you for purchasing the yamaha dtx500. I am are sure you will find the price benefit of these drums to fully meet your expectations. Ill also throw in a matching yamaha kick drum pedal, panasonic headphones, and some lightly used sticks. Yamaha dtx500 electronic drum kit yamaha music london. The module has ten editable kits, and have a usbmidi port. The dtx400 series includes the best sounds from our flagship dtx models and features a new interactive drumtraining system.

It has the different stick response for the snare and toms to provide. It can be a bit daunting at first, but take your time and read through the manual and fiddle with it. Page 1 levenhuk dtx 500 mobi mega pixels digital microscope user guide en cz pl ru 500x usb 2. Building a large post frame garage full timelapse construction. The dtx500 gives you 50 preset kits from a wide range of music styles and also allows the user to select their favourite sounds and create. Yamaha pad set for the dtx920k and dtx760k electronic drum. Dtx400 series dtx502 series dtx700 series dtx900 series dtx multi 12 dtx ios apps apps dtx others. The response of the dtxpads has been precisely tuned to provide a natural feeling and playability around the entire kit and to integrate comfortably into a hybrid acousticelectronic kit. Yamaha technical sales specialist tom griffin shows us the dtx500 electronic drum set at full compass systems. The ultimate plug in and play the yamaha dtx500k is the most cost effective kit on the market today with a diversity of great sounds, a realistic playing surface and quick triggering, together with fun learning tools and many play along features. Drum sets free delivery possible on eligible purchases.

Also you can control dtx402 sound module with a simple swipe. Attaching the tripod place the tripod on a stable surface. Set the trigger setup with the parameters listed below. In the intermediate 700 series of instruments, all models feature the new dtx700 drum trigger module with 1,268 drum sounds, dsp effects, and 128 keyboard and melodic sounds drawn from yamahas motifxf synthesizer workstation.

Drum trigger module setup manual for dt50sdt50k 908kb dtx502 about dtx502 version 1. The drum scores for the preset songs of the dtx drum trigger modules are available for download. The currently selected trigger setup is indicated in the display. Do not apply excessive pressure during rotation, as this may damage both the microscope and the tripod. Through the years they proved themselves in many occasions. It supports up to 11 distinct triggers including 3zone snare, hihat, cymbals and toms. The dtx562k features all dtxpads for snare and toms plus our large hihat pad with included stand and large 3zone cymbal pads for outstanding playability. Page 7 also, by switching the drum kits, you can send program change data p. Utilizing the dtxpad snare for superior stick feel, you can play the head, open rimshot, and closed rimshot voices in each of the three zones for authentic snare expression. Whether you are a beginner or professional, from the hard rock player to the hand percussionist with configurations for every musical situation and budget, there is a dtx electronic drum set model that is just right for you. Electronic drums drums musical instruments products. However, the ride cymbal pad seems to be causing an issue with the neighbouring mid tom pad. Yamaha dtx500 and dtx700 series electronic kits modern.

The new dtx500 replaces the hugely popular dtxplorer drum kit. The dtx has various functions to receive midi data, and it is possible to think of many ways to use this with the functions of external keyboards or sequence software. The dtx500 module is the same across the entire 500 series line including the entrylevel 500k mentioned above, and is literally packed with features. Ive been looking to start an a2econversion and i thought id go with a drum module and cymbals from yamaha since im on a fairly tight budget. Buy yamaha pad set for the dtx920k and dtx760k electronic drum kits featuring 2x pcy5 3zone cymbal pads, 1x pcy155 3zone cymbal pad, 1x rhh5 hihat pad, 1x kp100 kick tower pad, 1x ss662 compact snare drum stand, includes cables. View and download yamaha dtx rs500 owners manual online.

Yamaha has combined its expertise in drums and technology to create the new dtx900 series electronic drums. This website is not affiliated with or sponsored by yamaha. Hi, ive had my dt xpress 3 for almost a year and a half and im very happy with it until the snare starts to become unresponsive, its not too serious, but two days ago i broke the arm that holds the hihat and snare. The yamaha dtx provides superior sound when matched with other electronic drum kits. The superb feel of the dtxpads and the rocksolid stability of the kp100 make this an unbeatable kit in its class, perfect for performing on. The module contains 50 different kits and has both usb and midi except the dtx 500 only has midi interface connections dtx700 series, the upperrange model. New for 2011, the yamaha dtx500k electronic drum set is your best value in a full featured quality electronic drum set. It also has a comprehensive variety of features that help you build your drumming and rhythm section. Dtx502 series the new dtx502 series features vastly improved sound quality, highly expressive playability and userfriendly functionality in a range of familiar kit configurations affordable for drummers of all. The dtx500 is a compact drum trigger module that includes a wealth of rich, high quality drum voices and is compatible with snare pads equipped with a pad. This pinnacle of electronic drumming technology is fully equipped with dtxpad drum pads, nextgeneration electronic drum pads that yamaha has designed specifically for drummers. The dtx500 set allow you to practice all of your favorite music without all the noise at practice time.

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